How membership fees help us

The revenue we collect from membership fees is used for day-to-day running of the organization which includes paying our hard-working employees at the secretariat. Another thing worth mentioning is that we also give back ten percent of the revenue to the zones by the end of each year.

Become a member

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There is always need for someone on the ground to carry out day-to-day activities of every other enterprise or institution. It is the same thing with NONM.

The secretariat is like the engine which executes commands from the National Executive Committee. It runs the day-to-day activities of the organisation to make sure that members get assisted accordingly as provided for in the constitution and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

For that to be possible there’s need for money for fuel to move around, utilities and stationery at the office and etcetera. More importantly, these people who work hard to make sure that members’ needs are taken care of need to be paid as well. While nurses and midwives go to their various facilities every morning for their jobs, these people go to the NONM secretariat.

Further, NONM is also affiliated to other trade unions both in Malawi and on the global scene. In Malawi NONM is affiliated to the mother body of trade unions, Malawi Congress of Trade Unions (MCTU). At international level, NONM is affiliated to International Council of Nurses (ICN). There’s need to pay subscription fees to these mother bodies as well.

If you have browsed through the benefits of being a member of NONM, there are many things on that list that need money to be carried out. For instance, legal representation in the court of law, best nurse awards and funeral insurance cover.

The funds to cover all these expenses partly come from the membership fees while the other part comes from our long-time development partners, Norwegian Nurses Organisation (NNO). Another part comes from LHL International.  Suffice to say that NNO will be pulling out soon in 2023 and we must stand on our own. This means members really have to be faithful in honoring their membership fees contributions if we would have operations continuing normally at the secretariat come 2024.

Ten percent back to the zone

It is a deliberate procedure enshrined in our constitution to give back to our beloved zones ten percent of the revenue collected from membership fees. Our accounts department calculates how much each zone has contributed by the close of the financial year and gives back the zone ten percent of the total collected from that particular zone. This means the more the zone contributes, the more it gets by the end of the year.

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